About us

SCC Ingenieros Costa Rica

Company dedicated to the design and construction, consulting and general engineering services. We have highly trained professionals, in order to advise you in a responsible and effective way in your respective project, thus guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

We can advise you in all phases of your project: Budgets, Preliminary Project, Pre-visualization and Design and Construction.

And if your designs are ready and you need a construction contractor, contact us, we are ready to provide you with a quote and help build your dream.




Personalized Attention

Direct communication with each client: in order to work on each project according to its needs, tastes and preferences, inform them about the execution of the project and attend to the concerns and requirements of their project.


High Degree of Professionalism

We have the right staff to advise you responsibly and effectively. Our work team: Engineers, Architects, Construction Masters, Administrative, are highly trained professionals and experts in their areas. We work applying high standards of quality and work ethic from start to finish.


Construction Experience within Condominiums

We offer extensive experience in the regulation of condominium construction regulations, which has allowed us to perform our work with excellence to build stories with responsibility and support.


Provider Support

We work hand in hand with suppliers of materials and brands of excellent quality and recognition in the market, without neglecting the optimization of our costs to offer the client the ideal budget.


Guarantee in Budget Management

We adjust to the budget of each client and we work on each project with detailed budgets, thus guaranteeing that the amount quoted and delivered at the beginning of each work is 100% fulfilled.

Design and Construction

We Make Your Dream Come True!

Our services

Services dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients, we specialize in Consulting, design and Construction


We have the resources and experience to carry out residential and commercial infrastructure.


Design plans

We clearly define the character and purpose of your work.



We analyze the available resources, basic studies, needs program, regulations and standards.

Our Portfolio

We Create Dreams and Build Alliances.



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